Who knew that Eureka had a Filene’s Basement – the dress shop that hosts the annual “Running of the Brides” – where a gorgeous wedding dress that once belonged to former Global Dynamics boss Allison Blake (played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield) could be had for a steal? VIP Fan Auctions is currently offering fans the opportunity to bid on the gown that Blake wore on-screen in the third-season episode “I Do Over” for her wedding to ex-husband (it’s complicated) and soon-to-be dearly departed Nathan Stark (played by Ed Quinn). For anyone planning a Eureka-themed wedding now, in the future or in an alternate timeline, this exceptional wardrobe item will add a little more magic to the special day. (It also comes with earrings and a broach.) Click here for photos, size and more details. Do not let this opportunity get away – there will be no I Do Overs on this auction!