It seems a hallmark of recent horror movies is one unbelievable scene that has people talking in short, spoiler-free phrases (beginning with an exclamation and ending with a cringe). For example, “Ugh – the telephone pole!” in reference to a head-out-the-car-window scene in Hereditary. Or “Oww – that nail on the step!” in reference to a barefoot misstep in A Quiet Place.” The Prodigy has so many of these signature scenes, it should be difficult to identify just one, but “Oh – the dog!” may go down in history as one of the most disturbing of all time. Let’s face it, when you see a headline that reads, “Don’t Worry: Taylor Schilling Is Just as Horrified as You Are About The Prodigy’s Dog Scene” – you know something bad happened. VIP Fan Auctions has never been one to keep horror fans from quality gore, however, and the auction site is currently offering (spoiler alert) poor Talulah’s collar, dog tags and bloody garden sheers (click here for photos and more information) featured on-screen in The Prodigy. Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of horror history – click here to get in on the bidding today!