The Mick’s Mackenzie Molng (Kaitlin Olson) is better known for her impressive tolerance to cough syrup than her work ethic, and her sense of style reflects her cozy sense of drifter chic. For fans of the series or her lifestyle, VIP Fan Auctions is offering several signature pieces of The Mick’s wardrobe – including her screen-worn grey leather jacket and lightning bolt shirt combination (pictured, click here for photos and more information); her stunt-double pajama pants, jeans jacket, hoodie and tee-shirt ensemble (click here for photos and more information); and a set of tee-shirts (Journey concert tee-shirt and star design), long-sleeve shirt and ring (click here for photos and more information). Claim a piece of wardrobe worn onscreen in one of broadcast television’s most irreverent comedies – click here to see all of the available wardrobe from the Mick!