Major film and television stars have made Comic-Con in San Diego (July 12-15) a mainstream event for years, but anyone who’s been there knows that the true showstoppers are the fans who dress up in elaborate costumes to pay homage to their favorite series, movies and genres – the more obscure and elaborate, the better! If you’re planning on attending this year, do not miss the opportunity to raise the bar by showing up wearing genuine, screen-used wardrobe items available at Paramount Movie Auctions. Currently on the auction block is an outfit from the phenomenal 2011 J.J. Abrams alien-monster film Super 8 – the shirt and pants combo was worn on-screen by Zach Mills (who played Preston in the film). There is also a ton of really cool stuff from The Last Airbender, including fans, backpacks, prop weapons – and a complete women’s Water Tribe costume. Check out these and other props and wardrobe items from additional films at Paramount Movie Auctions and VIP Fan Auctions!