Dwayne Johnson 2

‘Hercules’ star Dwayne Johnson is getting into shape for his role as Black Adam in DC’s ‘Shazaam’. The actor posted a video on his Instagram of himself on the way to the gym in south Florida. It was pouring rain, but he channeled his inner Hugh Jackman for motivation.

“Wolverine would go.. #HurricaneSeason #ThunderAndLightning #FindAWay #SomewhereBlackAdamIsSmiling,” Johnson captioned his post.

The future “Chappie” star Jackman responded to the video, claiming he was at the gym working on his wolverine body before 6 am.

“Hey DJ, it’s not hurricane season, but it’s 5:45 [AM]. We’re at the gym. Focus!” Jackman said in the video.

Check out the two videos from the two stars.