Hercules is being talked about a lot this year in Hollywood and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) doesn’t need to worry about the one that came out this month. The film, The Legend of Hercules wasn’t a huge success and didn’t receive the critics’ ratings to be considered a hit. That should clear the way for Dwayne Johnson’s epic take on the Hercules franchise. The film is simply titled Hercules, hits theaters in July. Directed by Brett Ratner, there are high hopes for the film. Their version of the story takes place after the 12 labors. Picking up the story after the mythical action, Johnson and Ratner can take the story pretty much anyway they please. The trailer has not been released, although expect a summer blockbuster that could give The Rock a franchise to call his own. Hercules will be in theaters July 25th. Be sure to check out MGM’s Hercules Movie auction at www.herculesauction.com where fan’s can bid on screen used props and wardrobe items from the movie.