The firepower on display in Elysium is both impressive and frightening – and a testament to the genius visual effects masters at Weta who designed them. Fans of the film now have an opportunity to add several prop weapons used on-screen in the film to their own movie arsenal thanks to VIP Fan Auctions. Some of the Elysium props currently available are a green Chemrail rifle with a silver magazine clip (click here for photos and details) and two “heavy” black SMG blaster with a scope (click here for photos and more details and here for the second gun). Also available is a yellow-and-black pistol (click here for more info). All of the prop weapons have been designed by Weta.

Of course, if you’re an Elysium resident who simply wants someone to bring you the head of renegade earthling Max Da Costa (Matt Damon), click here! You’re certain to be the only fan on the block with a prop like this!