Inspired by Emily Deschanel’s wedding in September, “Bones” creator Hart Hanson reportedly offered his lead actress the opportunity to make her directorial debut on the series’ Valentine’s Day episode. However, TV Guide columnist William Keck, who originally broke the story, now reports that Deschanel’s directorial debut will be postponed.  To allow her to prepare to direct, Hanson had minimized Deschanel’s role in the episode. However, with the series airing directly after ratings powerhouse “American Idol” during February sweeps, Hanson reportedly didn’t want to keep Temperance Brennan on the sidelines during this crucial time.

“Emily agreed with me that diminishing our star’s profile during these crucial episodes might compromise our chances to reach the new audience which ‘Idol’ may very well provide,” Hanson told TV Guide. “She very kindly consented to moving her directorial debut until later in the season. When it comes to ‘Bones,’ Emily puts the show first.  Which is why we love her.”