When VIP Fan Blog tasked Eureka creator Jaime Paglia with naming his single favorite episode of the series, the answer came surprisingly easy. And then came another. And then another. And another… Here’s what Paglia had to say on the matter:

“’Once in a Lifetime’” he says. “That was the episode where I think we found the right balance of real character stakes, emotion, and humor.  I also loved ‘Purple Haze,’ ‘Games People Play,’ ‘Noche de Suenos’ and ‘Your Face or Mine?’ for the humor and performances.”

And then, like most of us fans, he thought of a few more that he loved:

“More recently, ‘Founders’ Day’ for the chance to go to 1947,” he says.  “[Producer] Matt Hastings did an amazing job directing and our crew designed and built that beautiful set. It was like shooting a feature film.

“My fantastic partner in crime and co-showrunner Bruce Miller, wrote ‘Liftoff,’ which was our nod to Apollo 13,” Paglia adds. “Making the animated Christmas special, ‘Do You See What I See?’ was a dream come true.”

But the one episode that really stands out among the rest for Paglia?

“’Jack of All Trades’ will be a favorite because I finally had the time to write and direct,” he says. “And the series finale is obviously a bittersweet good-bye. We only had two days to break the story and I had three days to write it. But our incredible team pulled it off and I’m really grateful that our network gave us the chance to give the characters and our fans a proper send-off.”

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