Eureka creator Jaime Paglia says there were two things that were off-limits for the series: “No magic. No aliens,” he told the VIP Fan Blog in an exclusive interview. “We always wanted to be Earth-bound, grounded in theoretical science.  I think we managed to walk that line most of the time, though we may have pushed the boundary once in a while because we loved the story we were telling.”

For fans of Eureka who dream of creating their own television series someday, Paglia has some words of advice: “Write what you love. Be patient but passionate. Watch your favorite shows, read your favorite writers – learn from them, and find your voice,” he says. “But most of all, write.  As much as you can.  We all need the practice.  Breaking in to Hollywood is challenging, but good writing stands out.

“And finally, be kind. Be generous. Be collaborative.  No one likes working with d—– bags.  I have a strict “no d—– bag” policy.”

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