Eureka was a big production with a lot of set, a wide cast of characters, complex storylines – even multiple timelines. But when asked by the VIP Fan Blog which episode posed the greatest challenge, Eureka creator Jaime Paglia says one stands out among all the rest: “Do You See What I See?”

“Making an animated show with life-action, plus four different styles of animation was a huge undertaking,” Paglia says of the fourth season finale. “Normally, you would want a year to make it – we pulled it off in five months.”

Paglia gives all the credit to the talented animators, writers and directors behind the feat.

“It was because of the dedicated team at Curious Pictures, our writers, Amy Berg & Eric Tuchman, director Matt Hastings, animation director Ro Rao, and our incredible post-production team lead by my other partner-in-crime, Todd Sharp, and post [production] guru Stephen Welke that we were able to do the impossible.”

The only drawback to the episode is that it didn’t produce and props or wardrobe items that fans could claim as their own. Luckily, collectibles from numerous other episodes – including some of Sheriff Carter’s (Colin Ferguson) props, such as a giant rubber ball and Christmas cards, or  Allison Blake’s (Sallie RIchardson-Whitfield) purse and laser pen – are currently available at the Eureka auction page. Click here for all the current Eureka props and wardrobe auctions – and place your bid today!