If Desperate Housewives were to move from the television screen to the silver screen after the series wraps its eighth and final season this spring, the show would go on without one of its key players. Eva Longoria, who has played Gabrielle Solis since the series debut in 2004 told E! Online that she has no interest in reprising the role for a Desperate Housewives film. “I’m not open to a movie, no. I wouldn’t even pay money to go to a movie when I could see these characters and these girls in my own home,” Longoria told the website. “It would be nice to close this chapter.” Before the Desperate Housewives saga comes to a close, fans of the series still have an opportunity to own a piece of Wisteria Lane at VIP Fan Auctions. In fact, one of Gabby’s trademark Juicy Couture designer sweat suits – worn by Longoria on-screen in the sixth season finale “I Guess This Is Goodbye” (pictured above) – is currently on the auction block (bidding closes Tuesday). Don’t miss your opportunity to raid the Desperate Housewives wardrobe before you kiss them good-bye. As Longoria told E! Online: “All good things must come to an end.”