The Life and Death of Sam CrowWhat ever happened to the great manuscript, ‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow’, authored by John Teller himself? The document played a crucial role in Sons of Anarchy, as it was one of the main things that set Jax on his hero-cycle-esque journey to save his club.

Series creator, Kurt Sutter, has assured us all that we will get to see the full manuscript at some point. In fact it was initially supposed to be released immediately following the series finale of SOA. Problem is, somewhere along the line Sutter decided he wants to do a prequel miniseries, showing how the club got to where we picked up in season one.

Sutter logically feels like releasing the document now would keep him bound far too much while writing the miniseries. By holding off the release, he will be free to create whatever plot he wants, and then match up ‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow’ accordingly.

Sutter is currently working on a new series, ‘The Bastard Executioner’, so we likely won’t see the prequel, or the manuscript, for quite some time.