Rebel, risk-taker, evil genius

According to a study by marketing group Mindset Media that analyzed the personalities of TV viewers and the shows they watch, “Family Guy” fans are rebels at heart. Results published Nov. 1 in Advertising Age magazine noted that the series “draws an audience of rule breakers or rebels who are 61 percent more likely to watch the show. Rebels don’t like authority, rules or structure they deem unfair, and usually won’t hesitate to make their feeling known with anger or sarcasm.” If this fits your description, Advertising Age added that brands that would appeal to rule breakers are DiGiornio (apparently, delicious self-rising-crust pizzas go against the status quo) and Ford F150. The study also found a high percentage of those deemed “risk takers” (50 percent) are drawn to “Family Guy.” Risk-takers are characterized as being “open to new challenges,” “accepting of others” and “easy to get along with” – a group that advertisers believe might favor Totino’s pizza (because they are accepting of the massive amount of crumbs created by the ultra-thin crust, perhaps?) and Harley-Davidson. Do these personality traits fit your description – and more importantly, what type of frozen pizza do you eat?