The Family Guy episode “Partial Terms of Endearment,” I which Lois contemplating an abortion after agreeing to be a surrogate for a college friend who eventually dies, was deemed too sensitive for FOX television and banned from the air this past season. For those who are interested in seeing the Griffin’s comical take on the broadcast-taboo subject, however, FOX Home Video is packaging it for sale as a standalone DVD.

Family Guy creator, who has never shied away from satirizing controversial issues, told the New York Times that, “Times really have changed… The network is making a decision that is, unfortunately, probably based on people’s current ability to handle and dissect controversial narratives.”The New York Times article notes that the network told MacFarlane that the issue raised a red flag when he presented the subject matter, but green lit production of it.Last year at the Television Critics Association, FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly, said the “rejection of the episode “was a business decision” because it represented “fragile subject matter at a sensitive time.”The network said in a statement that it fully supported “the producers’ right to make the episode and distribute it in whatever way they want,” and declined to elaborate on its decision.Fox previously banned the 2000 Family Guy episode “When You Wish upon A Weinstein,” but eventually aired the episode in 2004.The “Partial Terms of Endearment” episode will be released Sept. 28. It is available for pre-order at for $10.99.