“They are a little bit of a Princess Leia homage,” Scream Queens star Billie Lourd told Seth Meyers during 2016 appearance on Late Night about the earmuffs her character, Chanel No. 3, always wears. “It’s kind of a family tradition.” Lourd was, of course, referring to her mother, Carrie Fisher, whose Star Wars hairstyle featured buns over her ears. Lourd says that in the initial wardrobe fittings, the earmuffs were offered to Abigail Breslin and Emma Roberts, but neither actress wanted the accessory. “I saw them in the fitting and immediately gravitated toward them,” she added. “I just went into the fitting, saw them, [and] recognized my family heritage – which is to have weird things over your eyes and cover them all the time.” Now VIP Fan Auctions is offering a piece of the family legacy to the Scream Queens fan who casts the winning bid on the Chanel No. 3’s gray faux fur-and-rhinestone earmuffs (pictured) she wears during the second-season episode “Warts and All.” The blue-and-silver Terry de Havilland shoes Chanel No. 3 wears in the episode are also included. Click here for photos and more information, and claim your piece of Hollywood history today!