Fargo Season 3 preview

A new inside look at Fargo season three has been released. The video introduces an in depth look at the story line and Ewan McGregor’s characters, a pair of feuding brothers. Like the film and every season so far, season three starts with regular people making bad decisions which lead to more bad decisions, that turns their life upside down and creates madness. Season three doesn’t seem to change from this basic formula, but knowing creator Noah Crawley there will be some curveballs along the way.

In this new first look video released by FX, we get our clearest glimpse of the storyline and not-so-loving brotherly relationship. In the clip, it explained Ray and Emmit had a falling out because Ray felt Emmit cheated him out of his fortune, and now Ray wants what’s his so he can use the money to marry his bridge-champion parolee sweetheart Nikki. We find out that Emmit “hoodwinked” Ray into giving up a valuable stamp collection and now Ray wants the last remaining returned to him, but Emmit of course does not want to give this up. Emmit then decides to devise a plan to get the stamp (as we can imagine, they are not talking about politely asking him to hand over the item).

There is also a murder, “one of those shoulda coulda woulda been somewhere else if he could murders,” which brings Carrie Coon’s Gloria Burgle character into the story for what is described as “a bit of a wild goose chase.”

Michael Stuhlbarg sums it all up at the end with a line that might as well be the whole series tagline “as you can imagine, things go wrong.” Fargo season three kicks off on FX beginning April 19th.