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“We have such sights to show you,” Hellraiser’s Pinhead says ominously to Roland Voight (Goran Visnjic) as a massive chain suddenly bursts down through his skylight, embedding in his chest and lifting him skyward to his flesh-peeling, spike-piercing, bloodletting Cenobite existence. The heavy-duty chain used in the film to hoist the millionaire to his ultimate “reward” is now available at VIP Fan Auctions to the Hellraiser fan who places the winning bid. The chain (pictured) is 60-in. long and constructed of wood with 3.5-in. circular links. Click here for photos and more information on this distinctive piece of the new horror film – and to see all the available wardrobe and props from the reinvented Clive Barker classic (now streaming on Hulu), visit the official Hellraiser auction site today! This auction ends in less than 24 hours, so don’t delay!