Magic City Gallery

The constant burning of Lucky Strikes and Cuban cigars creates a lot of smoke in Magic City – it’s a sign of both the time and place. As the old saying goes, however, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” – and a collection of the vintage lighters used on-screen in the stylish period drama is now available to fans at VIP Fan Auctions. The decorative lighters include silver-plated 1940’s Ronson “Crown” and “Decanter” tabletop lighters, a 1940’s ASR “Pagoda,” vintage “Sterling by Hallmark” and a clear glass tabletop lighter. The collection also includes a Scripto “Schenley Advert” lighter (it features advertising for Schenley liquor) and more. These pieces are amazing collectibles from both the Magic City series and the era – click here for photos and additional information – and place your bid on these hot items today!