Popular entertainment news website TheWrap, released its list of the five most fascinating characters on television in 2011. Not surprisingly, Friday Night Lights’ Tami Taylor (played by Connie Britton) ranked third on the list. “The delicate push-pull between Tami and Eric Taylor was always the heart of NBC and DirecTV’s beautiful “Friday Night Lights,” which concluded this year,” said TheWrap. “It came to a head during a tense family dinner in the final episode, as Coach Taylor tried to explain to their daughter why she was too young to marry. As he firmly explained that marriage is about compromise, Tami (Connie Britton) had to leave: The speech belied her husband’s refusal to move for the sake of her career.” Britton currently stars in FX’s American Horror Story, but fans can still hold on to a piece of the actress’ brilliant run as the coach’s wife. Several pieces of her screen-worn jewelry and wardrobe items, including a shirt and skirt outfit worn in the third-season episode “Keeping up Appearances” (pictured above), a sleeveless top worn in the second-season premiere “Last Days of Summer,” a V-neck sweater worn in Season 2’s “Jumping the Gun,” and a scoop-neck sweater worn in the first season’s “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.” Check out these and other Friday Night Lights props and wardrobe auctions – while they last – at VIP Fan Auctions.