Don’t let her beauty fool you. The wife of Gaius Claudius Glaber and daughter of Senator Albinius, Ilythia (played by Viva Bianca) is a devious flirt with a wandering eye for gladiators – and a burning hatred for Spartacus. An ancient ‘mean girl,’ Ilythia wears the finest gowns and jewelry – and mocks her “frienemy” Lucretia (Lucy lawless) whose social standing doesn’t measure up. The complicated relationship between Ilythia and Lucretia eventually leads to tragedy – but fans of Spartacus have an opportunity to keep a piece of Ilythia with them. VIP Fan Aucitons is now offering one of Ilythia’s stunning gowns (pictured above), which Viva Bianca wore on-screen during the “Mark of the Brotherhood” episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. For additional photos and information on this exceptional piece of wardrobe, click here. To complete the outfit, the earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring she wore during the episode is also available to the winning bidder (click here), and the spooky mask Ilythia wore in the following episode, “Whore,” is also on the auction block (click here). Do not miss this chance to claim a piece of Ilythia from the Starz epic before the auctions end!