If the coach’s wife says it’s going to happen, you can bet that Friday Night Lights will be returning to the big screen. Though the series ended its television run earlier this year, stellar acting, heartfelt storylines and a passionate fan base won’t let the FNL franchise slip away. “It’s happening for realsies,” Connie Britton (who plays Tami Taylor), told Us Weekly. “Pete [Berg] is totally fired up to do it and I know Jason Katims is talking about writing a script. I think it’s really a matter of…getting everyone’s busy schedules aligned and making it happen,” Britton told the magazine.

Britton added; “It’s so funny to hear [from fans]: ‘Do you think they’ll do a movie version of Friday Night Lights?’ and in the back of my mind I’m like, ‘You do realize there already is a movie of it?’ I was actually in that one too!'”

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