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No one is safe in Shining Girls with Harper, a multigenerational serial killer who is able to jump across time to attack his victims. Played by Jamie Bell, the actor gives a standout, terrifying performance, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering a variety of signature props and wardrobe used on-screen in the breakout role, including remnants from his time in The Great War. Now available is the WWI veteran ring Harper wears throughout the first season as well as the 11.5-inch knife he uses in his assault on Elisabeth Moss’s Kirby (click here for photos and more information). Also available is a set of old-time clothes he wears as he breaks into Britta’s house in a flashback in the episode “Bright” – including a cap, boots, shirt and suspenders (click here) and Harper’s Army gear from WWI, including a gas mask and backpack (click here). Also available is his Army jacket (pictured) and belt (click here), and another WWI ring and prop knife set used in the murder of Jin-Sook (click here) and more. To see additional screen-worn wardrobe from Shining Girls, visit VIP Fan Auctions and join the bidding today!

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