Desperate Housewives’ Gabrielle Solis (played by Eva Longoria) enjoys the finer things in life – and whether that’s jewelry, cars or fashions, there’s virtually nothing that can keep the former model from having the very best of everything. While keeping up appearances has led to trouble for her and on-again, off-again-on-again husband Carlos (played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira). Fan of the series, however, don’t have to go through nearly as much drama to enjoy a slice of Gabrielle’s life – VIP Fan Auctions is now offering a designer outfit that Eva Longoria wore on-screen in the second-season episode “There’s Something About a War” (pictured above), in which Gabrielle famously spars with Sister Mary Bernard. The outfit includes a blouse, scarf and Versace pants (click here for size information and photos). Check out the Desperate Housewives auction page and place your bid today!