Chris Elliott is a comedy legend – and the notion of him in a beekeeper suit is a special kind of funny. Such is the genius of How I Met Your Mother, in which Elliott plays Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) ne’er-do-well board-game-inventing father, Mickey. The beekeeper uniform Chris Elliott wore in the seventh-season episode “The Burning Beekeeper,” in which he was keeping bees in his basement as part of a new get-rich-quick scheme, is now available at VIP Fan Auctions. The episode also marked a momentous occasion in the history of the series as series creator Carter bays told Redditt earlier this year that it’s the one he most regrets: “I wish we’d had an extra week of writing, an extra week of shooting, and an extra week of editing for ‘The Burning Beekeeper.’ It was a science project that we just ran out of time on. I want to turn it into a movie someday, just to get another crack at it.” Click here for photos and more information about Chris Elliott’s beekeeper outfit – and place your bid today!