Bad Moms has been an awakening for the scores of overworked mothers with school-age children across the United States. The raucous comedy has shown that parents don’t have to be (and aren’t) perfect – especially PTA moms – and that it’s OK to cut loose once in a while. VIP Fan Auctions is giving fans a chance to claim a piece of the movie by offer many of the outfits actually worn on-screen during the series, including several worn by the hero of the Bad Moms movement, Amy Mitchell (played by Mila Kunis). Currently available is the black silk dress (pictured above) she wore in the film, as well as the gray Hugo Boss suit (and Theory shirt) she wears to the pivotal PTA meeting and the gray James Perse sweater, plaid shirt and Adidas shoes she wears to the movies. Click here to check out these and all the available Bad Moms wardrobe currently available!