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The power of a favorite T-shirt is not to be underestimated – even CIA agents and Russian spies hold sentimental attachments to them, and VIP is offering fans a sampling of distinctive T-shirts featured on-screen in Condor. If you want to improve your quirky casual wardrobe with a touch of Hollywood history, check these out:

Haunted Crow: Vasili Sirin (Alexei Bondar) may have been a colonel in the SVR, but he knows how to rock a casual vibe in Condor’s second-season premiere – and his black and orange T-shirt with a crow in a tree (pictured) proves it (includes button-down shirt and jeans). Click here for photos and more information. A second version that includes a jacket is available here.

The Suburbs: The black and white T-shirt worn by counterespionage specialist Tracy Crane (Eric Johnson) in the second-season episode “It Serves a Greater Good” and features a logo with “The Suburbs” and includes a pair of brown pants and belt. Click here for photos and more information.

Culinary Institute of America: So technically, this one is an apron belonging to CIA Deputy Director Reuel Abbott (Bob Balaban), but it’s no less quirky or casual. Featuring the logo of the Culinary Institute of America (“The world’s premier culinary college”), this apron includes a Ralph Lauren shirt and Brooks Brothers pants. Click here for photos and get ready to grill in style.

Visit the Condor auction site to see these – and all the available designer and casual wardrobe items from the series today. These auctions are ending soon!