The Kappa Kappa Tau sorority has some dark secrets – dead pledges, secret pregnancies and Red Devils, to name a few. The notorious sorority at Scream Queens’ fictional Wallace University has pledges literally dying to get in and an army of vapid Chanels to blame. Part of the sorority’s dark history involves future KKT vice president Grace Gardner (pictured), whose family history with the sorority is the stuff of legend – and who was driven mad at the school before transferring to Stanford (Stanford Mental Asylum, that is). VIP Fan Auctions is offering Grace’s (Skyler Samuels) screen-used set of KKT sorority pins from the series premiere – and the only set of KKT pins received from the Scream Queens production. Click here to see the unique piece of jewelry and pledge your loyalty to Kappa Kappa Tau before it’s too late!