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The bulk of the time-hopping action in the Apple TV+ thriller Shining Girls takes place in 1992 – the heart of Grunge – and the wardrobe reflects it. VIP Fan Auctions is offering an array of clothing from the era (which, like the music form that period, is timeless) worn on-screen by Elisabeth Moss as Chicago Sun-Times archivist Kirby. Check out the seven wardrobe items (some that include a glimpse into the character’s favorite bands) listed below – all worn by one of television’s most acclaimed stars – at the official Shining Girls auction page today!

Sonic Youth white tee shirt, blue Zara jacket, skirt, tights, earrings and Reebok shoes worn in the episode “Offset” during a flashback to Kirby’s life before the attack (pictured, click here).

Bikini Kill black and white tee shirt with gray pants worn during the opening scenes of episode one “Cutline” (click here).

Leather Jacket and black Atm dress worn in the final two episodes of Season One after a murder causes a reality shift (click here).

Double-breasted black jacket and black Wilfred Free shirt worn during “Offset” as Kirby and Dan investigate Teenie’s Packing Company (click here).

Autograph jacket and maroon shirt worn in the episode “Attribution” when she receives a mysterious phone call (click here).

Babaton long green coat, shirt, pants and black low-top Converse Chuck Taylor shoes worn in Cutline as Kirby is confused by someone else at her desk in “Cutline” (click here).

Wilfred black jacket, Free People tank top and Rag & Bone black leather boots worn during the episode “Screamer” as Kirby and Dan continue to piece together the mystery (click here).

To see additional screen-worn wardrobe from Shining Girls, visit VIP Fan Auctions and join the bidding today!