Idris Elba’s gunslinger in The Dark Tower may not be a wizard, but he’s magical with a pistol. Whether he’s tuning out the chaos around him to shoot an orc with his mind, or bouncing a bullet off a steel beam to break through a mystical force field – a little visual effects magic goes a long way toward bringing the images of Stephen king’s epic tale to the silver screen. VIP Fan Auctions if giving fans of The Dark Tower an opportunity to own one of Roland’s pistols – including the gun tricked-out with green-screen tape on its barrel for visual effects. In a separate auction, one of the gunslinger’s hard-rubber prop pistols designed to look authentic for Mid-World is also available. Don’t miss this chance to own a signature prop from one of the most anticipated films of the summer – wielded by one of the great characters in modern literature! Click here to see all of The Dark Tower props and wardrobe items today!