Charming and calculating, arrogant and unpredictable, Julius Caesar is a battle tested warrior whom history tells us will go on to become the doomed leader of ancient Rome. In Spartacus, Caesar (played by Todd Lasance) debuts in War of the Damned as a rugged warrior, bent on crushing the rebellion – yet admiring the tactical prowess of Spartacus and the rebel leaders. VIP Fan Auctions is now giving Spartacus fans an opportunity to own Caesar’s regalia by placing the winning bid on his armor and uniform worn on-screen during the “Spoils of War” and “Mors Indecepta” episodes of the current (and final) season. This amazing piece of wardrobe, which was custom tailored by the Spartacus wardrobe team, includes Caesar’s cuirass, tunic, shorts, pelt, skirt, greaves and boots (click here for photos). Don’t miss this opportunity to claim a unique piece of the Starz epic – place your bid today!