Princess Valhala Hawkwind, easily one of the quirkiest – and campiest – superheroes ever imagined, came to life courtesy of Kate Gregson (played by Brie Larson) on The United States of Tara.  Now, fans of the character have an opportunity to own the Valhalla costume worn on-screen in the second season episode “The Truth Hurts” at VIP Fan Auctions.  For an even better look at the Valhalla costume – which includes viking helmet, corset, cape, wrist guards, thigh-high boots and shorts – check out the Valhalla music video on YouTube – and you’ll see why she became an Internet sensation and is still “off and ready to soar”! Check out the details on this – and other United States of Tara props and wardrobe items – at VIP Fan Auctions. The auction closes Tuesday.