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Shining Girls plays host to a reunion of sorts for The Handmaid’s Tale reunion when Elisabeth Moss’s Kirby and Madeline Brewer’s Klara cross paths in the episode “Bright.” While jumping eras for the first time, Klara meets Kirby tending bar in the club where she performed both days and decades earlier. The blue earrings Kirby wears catch the eye of Klara and become a topic of conversation – they were given to her on a first date as a bit of a joke. When Jamie Bell’s unhinged Harper jumps back in time again and returns to the bar to re-meet Kirby, he offers her a $100 bill if he isn’t able to predict the story behind them. Sensing something creepy about the guy (whom she also met as a little girl), she denies the story and sets the stage for the gruesome series of events that follow. VIP Fan Auctions is offering the notorious earrings (pictured) as well as the (prop) $100 bill Harper offers to Kirby – a distinctive and pivotal screen-used item from the Shining Girls tale and a piece of Hollywood history worn by one of television’s most popular stars.

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