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Hellraiser (now streaming on Hulu) is drawing a new generation of fans of the terrifying Clive Barker horror show that unleashed the nightmarish Pinhead and the Cenobites on unsuspecting audiences and spawned nine sequels prior to the franchise’s 2022 reboot. This time around, Hellraiser focuses on Riley, a young woman (played by Odessa A’zion) struggling with her own kind of demons before seeking vengeance for her brother, who was sacrificed to the deadly puzzle box. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering horror fans an opportunity to claim a piece of Hellraiser history by offering screen-worn wardrobe worn by the hero, Riley, including the blue Diesel hoodie she wears en route to steal the puzzle box (click here for photos and more information), the jewelry, cargo pants and tee-shirt she wears to the Voight estate before all hell breaks loose gets raised (click here) and the shirt and shorts she wears after coming into possession of the puzzle box (click here). Visit the official Hellraiser auction site today to see all the available items from the new film – and join the bidding today!