Hollywood loves dogs more than people – at least audience do. During a movie, it’s inevitable that audiences will worry more about a dog in danger than a human character. Admit it. Behind the scenes, it’s not much different as humans step in to perform dangerous stunts for other humans, while animal stunts are performed by unfeeling robots or stuffed animals. In Max 2: White House Hero, the sequel to the 2015 film Max, about a heroic dog who leaves a war zone to return stateside with the family of his handler, the title pooch continues to thrill as a secret service dog – and VIP Fan Auctions has a unique piece of the production available to fans: Max’s screen-used plush stunt double. The stuffed German Shepherd stand-in version of Max used to film stunts in the movie is a realistic brown-and-black soft replica that stands 34-inches tall. It comes with a collar, harness and dog tag – all that’s missing is a good home. If you’re ready to adopt a Hollywood K9 that doesn’t shed, never needs to be walked and rarely bites, click here for photos and more information – and get in on the bidding for this American hero today!