Former Heroes stars Masi Oka (who played Hiro Nakamura) and Greg Grunberg (who played telepathic cop Matt Parkman on the series) will share the screen once more – this time in a November episode of Hawaii Five-O, according to TVLine. Oka, who plays coroner Max Bergman on the CBS series, will cross paths with Grunberg, whoc will guest star as an immigrations official. “Of course, we plan to infuse the character with Greg’s unique personality and humor,” executive producer Peter Lenkov told the website. “As well as put him in a scene with Masi for those die-hard Heroes fans.” Speaking of Heroes fans, check out the amazing screen-used props and wardrobe items available at VIP Fan Auctions, including a jumpsuit worn by Grunberg or a jacket worn by Hiro in the third season episode “Trust and Blood.” You’ll also find swords, warrior masks and even one of Claire’s cheerleader outfits! Check out the Heroes auctions today at VIP Fan Auctions!