Isaac Mendez and his prognosticating artwork is at it again. The painting titled “Hiro Saving the Schoolgirl” (pictured above) depicts a scene from the first season’s pivotal “.07%” episode, in which Hiro comes face to face with… Hiro (present and future collide – a well-reported taboo in the science fiction world). More significantly, this episode made phenomenal use of the late Mendez’s photos to recap the Heroes storyline to this point  and featured the now classic line form future Hiro: “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” This piece is an over-sized photo reproduction on canvas of the original painting by Heroes artist Tim Sale and used in conjunction with the production. Check out the details by clicking here – and place your bid.  Somehow, this piece of artwork is flying under the radar and is still remarkably affordable! The auction ends Oct. 25.