A stockpile of authentic Hollywood weaponry has recently been discovered online – signature pieces once wielded by some of the biggest stars and most memorable characters in movies and television – and VIP Fan Auctions is now offering them to fans. From a prop pistol used by Idris Elba as the last of the Gunslingers in The Dark Tower to a crossbow fired by the fabled Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) in Sleepy Hollow, the pop-culture firepower of these screen-used weapons is the stuff of legend. The site is also offering a machete used on-screen by world-renowned martial artist and blockbuster action hero Jackie Chan (pictured) in The Foreigner (now in theaters) and the axe wielded by the notorious Red Devil from the first season of Scream Queens. Don’t wait to get in on the bidding for a piece of Hollywood history – click here to check out all of the available muskets, flintlock pistols, knives and more now available at VIP Fan Auctions.