The House of Cards rumor mill is in full force as news of the show continues to leak. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is whether or not Frank will make it through the fifth season. Several sources have hinted that Frank might be at the end of his political road, and maybe even the end of his life.

The worst part is that it might even be at the hands of Doug Stamper, Frank’s long time friend and trusted confidant. There is a lot of trust between the two men, which could leave Frank vulnerable to possible sabotage.

And Stamper’s loyalty to Frank could be compromised by his own thirst for power, or possibly his own love of country. I think most fans would agree that Doug is truly a servant of the public. If he felt that Frank was not the best man for the job, Doug would do what he felt was necessary for the good of the American people.

At this point, we simply can’t do more than speculate. What we do know is that House of Cards season 5 is bound to be full of twists and turns like we’ve never seen before.