HowImetYourmOther2Big news for How I Met Your Mother Fans!! It is rumored that a spin-off is not far over the horizon. The Huffington Post reports that CBS will be piloting a new series called How I Met Your Dad that will apparently tell the same story except from the mother’s perspective.

With the season finale of HIMYM looming ever so near, the potential spin-off could be comforting to viewers who were bracing themselves for withdraw from the show. While there is no set release date or any sort of details about How I Met Your Dad, the notion that some part of this show may continue is good news. Of course now is not the time to be thinking about the spin-off! HIMYM is moving through one of the most dynamic and unique seasons of its 9 year life. Before we all move on to its potential successor be sure to grab a seat and enjoy the exciting fruition of this timeless show.