There are few weapons manufacturers that give the general public a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, but Tetravaal does build a darn fine robot (and with a little tweaking and uploading, even Tetravaal products can be humanized). Of course, the special effects manufacturers at WETA have a lot to do with the look and feel of the Tetravaal Scout robots featured in CHAPPiE, which translates to a phenomenal opportunity for SFX fanatics looking to reverse engineer some WETA handiwork. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a set of assembly line Scout parts straight from the Neill Blomkamp film to the fan who casts the winning bid. The parts include components from Scout robots and CHAPPiE parts, including pieces of head, torso, arms, legs and waist. Click here for a detailed listing – and photos – of the pieces. The winner of this auction will also receive a Tetravaal Pelican 1740 storage case. If you’re interested in sci-fi, special effects and creating cool stuff, don’t delay – this auction is ending soon!