Legendary New Zealand-based visual effects powerhouse WETA is responsible for creating some of the greatest moments in modern science fiction. And while state-of-the-art digital effects can bring new worlds to life, it takes a special, old-school kind of FX guru to create the little, gruesome details that stick with viewers long after the credits roll. WETA is able to walk tall in both worlds – and VIP Fan Auctions has proof. The site is offering a pair of WETA-created disembodied arms featured on-screen in CHAPPiE to the special-effects fanatic who casts the winning bid. Meticulously designed to freak out anyone who unknowingly comes across them, the arms are created from a ballistics gel material with plastic bones, forearm hair and just enough stage blood to look completely realistic. Click here to see photos and for more information on these lessons in visual effects awesomeness – and get in on the bidding today.