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The perfect bag – whether it’s a backpack, messenger bag or suitcase – is essential to life on the go, especially if you’re pounding the pavement as an investigative reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times or giving astronomy lectures at the Adler Planetarium. It’s an accessory that can be high-fashion or purely functional, and the bags featured on-screen in the first season of the Apple TV+ series Shining Girls ran the gamut. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering several of these functional and stylish pieces of wardrobe featured on-screen in Shining Girls, so if you’re looking to upgrade your carrying options with some star power, here are 10 bags from the set of the paranormal thriller that are now on the auction block:

Kirby’s (Elisabeth Moss) gray canvas backpack, cassette player and headphones featured in the first episode, “Cutline” (click here).

Dan’s (Wagner Moura) brown leather messenger bag (that also includes his Timex watch) used throughout the first season of Shining Girls as he investigates a series of murders (click here).

Jin-Sook’s (Phillipa Soo) black leather backpack, which also includes the red umbrella she carried in the first episode, “Cutline,” while arriving to her job at the planetarium (click here).

Kirby’s (Elisabeth Moss) brown suitcase that she pulls from her closet in “Evergreen” in search of records of her attack – it includes a photo album, posters, shirts and notebooks (click here).

Harper’s (Jamie Bell) gray cotton backpack (with bucket) used in “Bright” while investigating a house (click here).

Freddie’s (Julian Obradors) gray polyester backpack with vintage Sony Walkman, Trapper Keeper and school books from the episode “Overnight” (click here).

Jin-Sook’s (Phillipa Soo) brown leather backpack and wallet she carried as a graduate student in “Offset” (click here).

Kirby’s (Elisabeth Moss) gray cotton messenger bag, journal and wig used in “Attribution” (click here).

Dr. Gary Hegland’s (Nate Burger) brown leather and canvas satchel carried in “Cutline” and “Offset” at the planetarium (click here).

Abby’s (Erika Alexander) black leather purse, which also includes a clutch, smaller purse, eyeglasses and a dictaphone featured in “Evergreen” and “Attribution” (click here).

To see additional props and wardrobe featured on-screen in Shining Girls, visit VIP Fan Auctions today!