Fans of Friday Night Lights who are wondering how they’ll survive without their weekly trip to Dillon, Texas – as well as those who simply missed one of the best shows on television for the pat five years – can thank ESPN for the power of instant replay. The cable sports network recently announced that it will broadcast the first two episodes of FNL’s first season on Friday night – shortly after the series finale airs on NBC. The series will then continue in repeats (two episodes per week) on Thursday nights beginning July 21 on ESPN Classic. “We were attracted to it because the quality of the show is so strong and it has such a passionate and loyal following,” Connor Schell, the vice president and executive producer of ESPN Films and ESPN Classic, told TheWrap.com. “It’s just incredible long-form storytelling in and around sports… At its core, Friday Night Lights captures the blend of drama, excitement, and heartache that embodies what it means to be a sports fan.” And if you’re looking for tickets to East Dillon’s State Championship game – or other Friday Night Lights wardrobe items or screen-used props, visit VIP Fan Auctions today.