The 1980s gave us a roller skating renaissance, animal prints, ultra-bright colors and numerous other daring fashion statements that are on full display in the true-crime story White Boy Rick. VIP Fan Auctions is helping bring many of these styles into the 21st century by offering wardrobe worn onscreen by Taylour Page as Cathy Curry (pictured), the politically connected wife of drug kingpin in White Boy Rick. Fans have the opportunity to bid on her to the fans who place the winning bids, including her roller skates and silver rose jumper outfit (click here for photos and more information); black and white fur coat, dress and shoes (click here); bright pink dress, earrings, necklace and shoes (click here); her mint green nightgown (click here) and much more. Click here to check out all the available 1980s Detroit fashions from White Boy Rick, and join the bidding today!