Fox has been dancing around the idea of making a movie based off the hit series 24. To many viewers’ disappointment the film has not come to fruition. Many people thought that the upcoming 24 miniseries meant an end to the potential for a movie but now Fox is saying that’s not necessarily true.  Keifer Sutherland as well as the studio are very passionate about making the move to the big screen.

The miniseries is something to be excited about regardless of what happens with the future of the movie. FOX announced  24: Live Another Day begin on Monday, May 5th with a two-hour premiere at 8 pm and will air on Mondays at 9 pm regularly after that.

Last time we saw Jack Bauer he was a fugitive. The early stages of the next season will play off the relationship between Bauer and a London based CIA agent who is tasked with bringing the rouge agent down. With only twelve episodes we can expect them to pack a ton of action into each one. 24 fans should definitely be excited for what’s to come this May.

Check out this interview with Kiefer Sutherland about the upcoming season with FOX LA News.

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