During an exclusive interview with the VIP Fan Blog, Eureka creator Jaime Paglia shared his choice for the funniest moment on the set, in which stars Colin Ferguson, Neil Grayston, Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Niall Matter found themselves a bit out of character in the episode “Jack of All Trades.”

“Colin, Neil, Salli and Niall were hilarious as they ‘swapped brains’ with each other,” Paglia says. “They had everyone on set rolling.  When Colin and Neil first confronted each other in the Laserium, their physicality was perfect. ‘Is this my joking face? No! This is not my face at all!’ Writing lines like that and having them deliver them so perfectly was priceless.”

Paglia also directed the episode.

“There’s nothing like hearing something you’ve written being brought to life and collaborating with your creative team to make it happen,” he says. “Getting to write and direct ‘Jack of All Trades’ was a highlight.”

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