AIMEE TEEGARDEN is one busy lady. Her television series, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, has just begun its farewell season. She had a role in the big screen horror flick, SCREAM 4, which hit theaters earlier this month. Friday (naturally…) she premieres in Disney’s PROM, where her character, Nova, is out to land a date to high school’s most important dance. The 21-year-old actress is a hot commodity these days. She credits her role as Julie Taylor, the daughter of a Texas high school football coach and a high school principal, as a big reason why. As a freshman at Burleson University, Julie is trying to find her way in a place far different than Dillon, Texas. In last week’s episode, Julie and her History TA seem to be quite smitten with each other. Uh-oh…sounds like trouble. Hey, what’s MATT SARACEN up to, anyway? Bid on Aimee Teegarden’s prop and wardrobe items from Friday Night Lights at