Fans of Prison Break will always remember Robert Knepper  as the charming-yet-sadistic Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell. And when the actor popped up on the fourth season of Heroes as devious super-powered ringmaster Samuel Sullivan (who could manipulate dirt, rocks and other geological matter), Knepper expanded his legion of fans. In Heroes, he retained his devilish magnetism, manipulating those around him to make himself stronger in yet another fantastic performance. “People ask if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, and it’s more complicated than that,” Knepper told TV Guide back in 2009. “You can’t just put him in a little niche there. I love the mystery of it. I didn’t even know when we started exactly why he was doing what he did. But he’s definitely walking more in the shadowy side of life.” Right now – and time is ticking fast – the shirt and pants Knepper wore in the Heroes’  fourth season episode “Thanksgiving” is up for bid at VIP Fan Auctions (along with a ton of other screen-worn Heroes gear). Check it out today (the auction ends Tuesday) and stake your claim to one of television’s top talents.