Jack Carter (played by Colin Ferguson) may be the sheriff of Eureka, but creator and executive producer Jaime Paglia is the judge jury and, if needed, executioner. Listening to him discuss his many responsibilities of literally running the show, however, seems exhausting and like a dream come true.

“Showrunning is all-consuming – you’re responsible for every aspect of making the show,” he says. “That includes breaking stories in the writers’ room, writing and re-writing outlines and teleplays, choosing directors, casting, production design, props design, visual effects design, budgets, production calendars, being on set during production, working with your actors and directors, overseeing post-production – which includes editing, sound design, music design, color correction, and final delivery. You could work 24 hours a day.”

But he says there’s a secret to being able to it all well: “The only way to accomplish all of these things is by having an amazing team that you can delegate duties to so nothing slips through the cracks,” he says. “Our team has been the best.”

For all of the creativity that goes into making a show like Eureka, however, Paglia’s favorite part of the show isn’t the gadgets, science or storylines.

“I love the people,” he says. “From the writing staff to the cast and crew,  I love being on set.  There’s nothing like hearing something you’ve written being brought to life and collaborating with your creative team to make it happen.  Getting to write and direct “Jack of All Trades” was a highlight.  And editing is hugely satisfying. That’s where you can really make everything come together.”

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